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A good place to get ideas on new free mobile applications is this app guide it reviews some of the best free apps in a fun way.

Android apps also called droid apps are growing very fast and Android will soon be bigger than iPhone so it might be a good idea if your company is making apps, to consider making droid apps. On this website you can find some of the best new free droid apps , and get good ideas of what you can build

Facebook the worlds most popular social site, with over 500 million users. But did you know that you can play games, and you can go online dating right on Facebook?. There are some cool Facebook dating apps you must check out, some of them are very popular and millions of users. To get an overview of the facebook apps you can use use this Facebook apps guide.

Learning to save money on loans

There is no need to pay to much for your loans, you can use this guide to help you find out how to save money. First you need to find a online interest rate calculator so you can calculate how much you can save on your loans.

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